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No power. Lost electricity. Dead line

Your home or building lost power and has suddenly become so dark, uncomfortable, and frustrating

Do not wait another second. Call 226 783 4016

Windsor, Ontario emergency electrician will quickly make you feel good again

Got a problem like one of the following? We will fix it fast!

lost power to one kitchen line

Restore lost power. Lights and plugs are out repair electrician in Windsor, Ontario 226 783 4016

no power to all bedrooms plugs
receptacle with buttons in Essex
a panel feel warm or hot to touch
livingroom plugs don't have current
there is no working lights in LaSalle
no electricity in the whole basement
short circuit in one wire in Tecumseh
microwave frequently trips its breaker
broken kitchen socket in Essex County
lost power to the entire house in LaSalle
fix light, switch, wall receptacle problem
microwave wall plug is dead in Lakeshore
water heater tank, dryer and stove are out
GFCI plug gives no voltage in Amherstburg

troubleshooting electrician Windsor Ontario 226 783 4016

Windsor, Ontario fast emergency electrician
urgent repair of aluminum conductors oxidation
smoke or smell near the panel it feels hot to touch
glowing, flickering lights & unusual things are going on
a problem with the service/supply side or inside the panel
buss bar in the panel is pitted, burned, damaged, or lost metal
fast help when a whole house went out or the main switch tripped
some home devices and appliances are running normally and some not
a weak breaker that does not carry anymore the current it was designed for

226 783 4016
NO calls after 8 pm please
Call us on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays till 7 pm
But first look at and accept these rates

email us any time.

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