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Sunday and holiday

Sunday troubleshooting electrician 226 783 4016

When calling for urgent service on Sunday, please tell us:

Is the electricity completely out?
Did you notice a smoke and/or smell?
Did your neighbors also lose some power?
What Amp size panel and service do you have?
What has happened? Where and what is affected?
Did you hear a crackling or arcing sound at the panel?

Holiday urgent installations. And troubleshooting of:

Tripping breaker troubleshooting
Kitchen outlets don't have current
Quickly fix partial loss of electricity
Overload, dead line and dead circuit
Lost power to the bedroom in Essex
Store has a power outage emergency
Critical power loss situations in LaSalle
Building has lighting & power problems
Commercial shop emergency electrician
Some plugs stopped working in basement

Sunday and holiday emergency electrician Windsor Ontario 226 783 4016

First hour rate is $180 on holiday
It's a minimum charge on Sunday
Every consecutive hour is $70

Switch that does not work in Essex County
Short circuit or equipment failure on Sunday
House urgent repair on Sunday in Lakeshore
Fuse blows over and over again in Tecumseh
Industrial equipment stoppage in Amherstburg

226 783 4016
NO calls after 7 pm please

email us any time.

Failure and power down weekend emergency situation in Essex County. No or only half of all lights is working in a restaurant. Urgent holiday repairs to building system faults, glitches, defects, or problems in Windsor, Ontario

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